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Basic principles of the Constitution

The basic principles of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany are:

Inviolability of human dignity as a fundamental norm of the Basic Law, Republic as the form of government for the Federation and the Lander, democracy as a form of government - , the rule of law, federalism, social state.

Inviolability of human dignity

Human dignity is the fundamental norm of the Basic Law. It is the guiding principle of the Constitution and embodies the supreme value.

"Human dignity is inviolable. It is the duty of all state authority to respect and protect it."

As the highest legal value, human dignity binds all state powers and establishes the order of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Unlike the monarchy, the republic is headed by a head of state, the Federal President. He is indirectly elected by the people and his mandate is limited in time - same day essay . The Basic Law determines the republican form of government for the Federation and the Lander.


According to the democratic principle of popular sovereignty - history homework help , every (legitimate) state action must be based on the will and consent of the people.

"All state power emanates from the people."

Popular sovereignty is realised in the Basic Law via:

Elections: they must be - general, - direct, - free, - equal and - secret, and - be conducted regularly, - personalised proportional representation for the Bundestag, the majority principle: - majority decisions, - limited by the protection of minorities, pluralism: - free competition between competing political forces, - political equality and - equal opportunities for political participation for all citizens, - the possibility of forming and exercising opposition, the principle of "defence-oriented" democracy: - Punishment of violations of the free democratic basic order.

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