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How to use color correctly? 9 types of visual contrasts in the video

Services and sites like help the viewer to empathize with the emotions and actions in the scene, not only in the video format, but they also transcribe what is said in the video into text and make the video material more rich, helping you better understand the meaning that the author put into his video.

Contrast is a multifaceted tool, and you can use it at different levels of video work.

Let's talk about what types of visual contrast exist:

Light contrast.

A light object against a dark background looks lighter than it really is, and a dark object against a light background looks darker.

With you can show, for example, the contrast of two characters against each other in the same scene and it will all be in text format, taken from the video - take a dark background, two characters, one of them is taken into shadow, the other is illuminated.

Contrast by color

This is the juxtaposition of colors in such a way that there is an effective difference between them.

That is, we can take two clear and far enough away from each other (on the color wheel) and get the most pronounced contrast.

Contrast of light and dark

Both pure colors as well as shades and shadows.

Contrast of cold and warm

Also has a huge expressive possibilities, because the different temperature colors affect the sensory perception of the viewer.

Simultaneous contrast

It is a phenomenon at which our eye at perception of any color demands occurrence of its additional color, and if such is not present, then simultaneous, that is simultaneously, builds it up itself.

For example, we look at a grey object on a red background, and this object seems greenish to us.

Contrast of saturation

Contrast between colors that are saturated and pure and those that are pale and muted.

Contrast in shape.

For example, the use of round shapes and shapes with hard edges.

Contrast in size.

Contrast large and small objects, it's simple)

For example, if you have a series of clips, and everyone needs to convert to text format, you just have to resort to and then in each subsequent one you can completely change the palette, emphasizing the changing mood of the video.

That way, you can play with the viewer on a deeper level.

Think of the Harry Potter series - the palette in the first films is bright and saturated, emphasizing the carefree nature of the characters, the fairytale world of the characters.

As they grew up and with each new part of the film, the palette became more and more dull and gloomy, corresponding to the mood of the story. RELATED RESOURCES: academic transcription services

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