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IT and the future

More directly, gaming has inspired a new batch of programmers looking to create the latest AAA title. The rise in videogames popularity falls in line with the progression of information systems generally (IT jobs will grow 22 per cent through 2020, according to Computer World). Absent a residential course, you still have plenty of icebreaking options at your disposal. Without going overboard and invading your roommate’s space, be persistent with your social advances. For instance, invite your roommate to accompany you on common errands like the all-important pre-semester trip to the school bookstore or your weekly stop at the local grocery store.

Programming and games design courses are brimming with people preparing to engage in the expanding digital world – and they’ve got videogames to thank. It’s also helpful when your kid has to decide between finishing up that essay and going out with her friends. Take advantage of her natural inclination to have fun while she’s still a toddler and encourage unstructured play time. It helps kids learn to organize their own events and actions by focusing on one task at a time.

What does this mean for college courses? Besides their aforementioned gamification, arts and humanities courses might feel an increasing need to study gaming’s influences on culture as a whole. Who knows – you could be gaining a PHD in Grand Theft Auto before the decade is up. lf-control, critical thinking needs to be fun if it’s going to resonate with your child. To think critically means being able to evaluate information, decide whether it’s right or wrong, and be open minded when considering alternative solutions, according to the Foundation for Critical Thinking. This skill is what’s going to make it possible for your child to formulate her own opinions and back them up with solid information.

So, before you decide on your course of study, think about the culture you consume. It could be an indicator on which degree you should aim for. If your child is a naturally talented artist, tell him more than how wonderful his drawings look. Talk to him about how much effort it must have taken to make the drawing so lifelike. It might be a bit faster or slower than others’, but in the end, intelligence is about more than IQ. It’s about being able to relate to the world, and these tricks will help make sure those skills are more refined by the time college rolls around.

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