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Rolex Movement Service & Repair

  • 8 hr
  • Starting at $550
  • Miami FL

Service Description

Your Rolex or Tudor movement is fully disassembled and is inspected meticulously for excessive wear. (Pivots are checked for scoring and damage, end shake is checked for adjustment). All movement parts will have some degree of wear on them, determining how life is left in each part, can affect the final assembly. Sometimes a single new part can make a huge difference, sometimes the replacement of several parts will make only a mild improvement but the cost can vastly outweigh the improvement. On vintage calibers where parts are discontinued, wheels can often be restored but burnishing the pivots. Movement components are then cleaned using our Elmasolvex VA (the leading cleaning system in the world) to ensure removal of all oils, corrosion, metal, debris, and other contaminants. Your Rolex will receive new gaskets and main spring. Your Rolex movement can require up to seven types of lubricants accounting for the varying speed, material type, and friction each part encounters. Using Genuine Rolex oils and greases, your movement is properly lubricated and regulated to factory spec. After stringent testing spread over 14-21 days, your watch then goes to final quality control. - We test power reserve and accuracy automatic wind vs hand wind. This takes several cycles in 6 positions (dial up, dial down, crown down, crown up, crown left, and crown right) - We compare the test results of "YOUR" watch vs Rolex tolerance to see how it stacks up. (Rolex Criterion 1 & 2, power reserve, min. and max amplitude) Every watch gets a copy of this comparison. - We grade overall condition of some of the main components (A+ to B- will be deemed passing) - Full analytic printout of accuracy, performance, and health measured in 5 positions (dial up, dial down, crown up, crown down, crown left). these printouts are date and time stamped. - Full analytic printout water resistance testing (waterproofing) 1-10 bar = 10 meters to 100meters The crown and tube are checked (and rebuilt if needed) to ensure it locks down properly and won't fall apart down the line. (as many know, sometimes this can happen). We check snap closure on the clasp and adjust it (if needed). If a new crystal or crystal gasket is needed for waterproof testing, we only use Genuine Rolex parts Our jobs come with 2 year warranty.

Contact Details

  • 14 Northeast 1st Avenue, Miami, FL, USA

    + 1 4088003244

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