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904L Laser welding/Case Repair 126600 Deep Sea Dweller

Rolex is famous for their line of utilitarian time pieces such as the Ref 12660 Deep Sea Dweller. This deep sea diving watch is popular with many for its robust design and larger size. This guy is built like a tank and can really take a beating (and often does). For that reason it's quite common for one to pass through our shop for a quick refresh.

One of our many specialties is laser welding. We can laser weld 316L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel , gold in yellow, white, and rose, even platinum. For this job we will laser in new 904L fill material to match the allow Rolex used in the manufacturing of this Deep Sea Dweller.

Here is what the laser welds look like under heavy magnification.

This new steel can now be worked on our polish lathe until smooth with the rest of the case. The loss material, original to the case, is minimized. Now the after shots!


Until next time old friend.

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